10 excuses that stop you from realizing your dreams

Your words have more power than you can imagine. They are part of your internal and external experience. That is why if you change your words you can change your life. See the 10 ways that may destroy your dreams…


1. I’m too scared 

It’s okay, we should all be afraid. Whether it is a large or small change, the search for ways to achieve your dreams always means getting out of your comfort zone. It is natural and normal to be afraid. But instead of seeing fear as a barrier, try to use it as a compass that will guide you to the right path. Therefore, change these words in “I am excited”.

2. I do not have enough …

Money. Time. Experience. Knowledge. Certificates. Who says that? You are the only person who can allow these thoughts stop you. Rather than focus on what you do not have, look at those things that you can use now and find ways to include them in achieving your goal. Therefore, change these words in “I have more than enough”.

3. This is what I am and I can not change that

If you feel that you are a person that can’t change,  you will lose your hope very quickly and you will see your journey as something impossible. Remember, you can always grow and develop, so instead of considering yourself as incompetent, look for ways that you can change yourself in a better way. Therefore, change these words into “I constantly get a better version of myself.”

4. This is too difficult for me

Following your heart is hard work. That’s why whenever you feel like it is difficult for you, make a step back and remind yourself why are you doing this. What is your goal? Rather than focusing on what you need to do, focus on the chance to do so. Follow your dreams! Enjoy the process. Therefore, change these words to  “This activity is a fun and inspired me to go further.”

5. I have an impact on people around me

It is very easy to distract yourself with thoughts about the way you influence the people you love. Will they be jealousy? Am I selfish? Did not pay enough attention? Rather than focusing yourself on the way that you influence other people, be concentrated on how you can inspire, communicate your joy and the fact that you can give up completely when you are really happy. Therefore, change these words in “My happiness is a gift to everyone around me.”

6. I am not like them

We often want to believe that we are not made of the same material as the others who realize their dreams. We believe that we are not like them, we do not deserve what we desire or we are not able to achieve it. Instead of sinking into these negative thoughts and continually comparing with others, try to see their perseverance as inspiration for your own dreams. Therefore, change these words in “I am able/capable“.

7. I am not ready

This form of perfectionism will inhibit you from realizing your dreams. The start is the thing that prepares you. Although this counteracts your intuition through your activities, you can achieve well-being and that will help you discover the next step in your quest. Never stop if you do not feel prepared and remember that you will never feel ready until you start. Therefore, change these words in “If not now, when?”

8. No one had done this before

Instead of looking for reasons for the impossibility, find inspiration to stay worthy in achieving your dreams. Therefore, change these words into “I can accomplish everything I am up to”.

9. I have tried and failed

If you have never been unsuccessful, then you are one of the rarest people of the planet. Failure indicates the things you need to change in your approach and that will help you get closer to what you really want. Do not let obstacles keep you demotivated and try to find new ways in which you could achieve your goal. Therefore, change these words in “I have experience and knowledge.”

10. I do not want people to change their opinion about me

Why? Those who really love you will continue to love you regardless of your dreams. Rather than focus on how others perceive you, focus on monitoring your heart and life the way you really want to live. If you value yourself, you wouldn’t worry about the opinions of others. Therefore, change these words into “I want to show myself in true light.”

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