3 vitamin bombs for a beautiful and radiant complexion – home treatments

When it comes to youth and beauty the clock can’t be stopped, but it is certainly possible to slow it down!
A proper care for your skin is necessary in order to maintain its elasticity, radiance and glow.
Don’t worry, it does not mean you need to buy expensive creams and skincare products.
It is enough to visit your nearest market and you will find all the ingredients at affordable prices, and the effect will be the same and even better!
If you don’t trust me, try and see the stunning effects that are provided by the homemade masks and treatments.
We have singled out the best vitamin bombs for your skin. Choose the right for you!

1. Peel off mask – Vitamin C – You probably know that vitamin C has amazing effects for your immune system. In addition, it is also an excellent face cleanser and perfect ingredient for an effective peel-off mask.
Mix a bag of vitamin C powder (or 2 tablets) with almond milk until you get a thick paste. Rub the paste on your face and leave on. When you feel a tingling sensation, rinse your face with lukewarm water and apply a rose water tonic. If you have wounds on your face do not use this mask because it is very aggressive on open sores.


2. Anti-aging treatment – Vitamin E – If you notice lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips – do not panic! The appearance of wrinkles is a natural aging process of the skin and no one ever escaped from it. You need to accept it as the most normal thing, but you can also do something in order to slow the creation of new and deepening of old wrinkles. Vitamin E is a great anti-aging ingredient.
Before going to sleep simply squeeze the contents of a vitamin E capsule and apply it directly to the problematic areas of the face and gently pat.



3. Nourishing Mask – Omega 3 fatty acids – Omega 3 fatty acids have phenomenal properties for your health. These are healthy fats that are essential for  normal functioning. In addition, these fats are fabulous for skin care – they reduce inflammation, decrease the visibility of wrinkles and clean the clogged pores.

Mix ground chia seeds with organic yogurt and a few drops of flax oil. Apply the mixture as a face mask, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. If you apply mask applied before bedtime, you will feel its effects during the next day!



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