Buckwheat pancakes with mushrooms

Summer is nearer and nearer and women’s No. 1 enemy will soon be visible. So be wise and start your battle against cellulite today!

Today we show you 4 strange anti-cellulite treatments that really work.

1. Cucumbers – Why should you love cucumbers? They have the ability of hydration and are full of vitamins. If you put a thin slice of cucumber directly on the skin, the phytochemicals from this vegetable will accelerate the secretion of collagen and that will tighten the skin. This may affect the instant improvement of the skin and reduced cellulite visibility.


2.Coffee scrub – Caffeine dilates the blood vessels and veins and thus accelerates the circulation, and in turn, affects a better blood circulation and healthier appearance. If you apply it directly to the skin the scrub will help the removal of toxins and burning fat, so you have multiple benefits of this treatment.


3. Algae bath – Thalassotherapy is a treatment that comes from France and is a combination of hot water and seaweed directly applied on the skin – either in the form of baths or compresses. Algae have high levels of iodine, which promotes the function of the thyroid gland, and local circulation, which affects the reduction of cellulite.


4. Gelatin – gelatin consumption has great health benefits, but also it also has benefits for the beauty and appearance of the skin. Of course, we are referring to the sugar-free gelatin. In the first place gelatin causes an increase in collagen, and therefore tighter skin and better appearance. Gelatin powder can be found in any healthy food store. Simply add it to your favorite drink once a day and it will compensate for the reduced level of collagen which is the main culprit for the appearance of cellulite.


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