Contrast showers against cellulite

It is true this treatment is a little unpleasant, but it is very effective, and we have to work hard for beauty.

The weather gets better and better, not to mention that summer is coming so we need to get ready for swimwear. Everybody wants to look good and eliminate the excessive weight and cellulite that accumulated due to unhealthy diet.
The treatment is called contrast shower.
Check out how the treatment affects the reduction of cellulite and why it is so effective.

Contrast shower is the process of switching/changing the temperature from hot to cold water and back again.

The hot water on your body affects the expansion of blood vessels and lymph, while cold water narrows them. They both have positive effects on our health, which is why the combination of hot and cold water in the shower is an excellent treatment against cellulite, because it improves circulation and it is an efficient detoxification treatment.
How does contrast showers work?

Contrast showers boosts lymph drainage and restore blood to the heart. This affects the efficient elimination of toxins and harmful substances from the cells that are routed through the bloodstream to the liver and kidneys.
Cellulite is the result of six factors – weakened circulation and lymphatic drainage, chronic inflammation, accumulation of toxins in our body, relaxation of the skin, accumulation of fat and weak tissue regeneration. Contrast showering directly influences the first three factors – improves circulation, the tissues receive more oxygen and nutrients while simultaneously releasing the toxins and waste. Thus, it relieves chronic inflammation, so this treatment works on the other three factors. 

The cold water on your body stimulates the release of noradrenaline and norepinephrine – hormones that are crucial in the regulation of adipose tissue. However, showering with cold water only will not have the desired effect. You will develop tolerance to the cold water and the effect will not be as effective as the contrast showers.
The hot water expands the arteries and veins, which increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. On the other hand, showering with only hot water can cause side effects such as water retention in the body and chronic inflammation.

So, the best solution is to combine hot and cold water in the shower. You don’t have to make any sudden changes in the temperature. Let’s say – start showering with warm hot, then gradually reduce to cold. Then gradually return to hot water and repeat this process until the end of the shower. It is recommended that you finish showering with cold water in order to make the effects last longer.


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