Exercises you can do while sitting down

The human body is not “designed” to be  in a sitting position for a long time. However, due to work or personal choice, many people are “tied”
to their chairs. The next time when you stay a while in a sitting position, remember that there are simple exercises that will stir your body and help you stay healthy and fit.

The following exercises will help, move the wrists, improve the body circulation, strengthen muscles and plus you will burn some calories :

1. Clamping the buttocks

The easiest exercise you can do while sitting is to strengthen the buttocks and thighs, i.e the most problematic areas of the female body. Sit straight so that your feet are attached to the floor. Tighten the muscles of the buttocks and thighs and hold “contorted” for five seconds. Then, relax them. Do 20 repetitions.

You can do this exercise while you are at work, while you are searching the Internet or while traveling to long distances. Without much effort, you will shape the buttocks.

2. Toning the legs through the “writing” of the alphabet

Raise one leg so that your fingers will easily touch the floor. Start  “writing” each letter of the alphabet with your toes on the floor. Write capital letters. Once you complete the alphabet with one leg, repeat with the same with the other.

Then again, do the same exercise, but this time gently touch the floor with the entire foot, ie. with toes and heels. Instead the alphabet you can write numbers. The foot should be constantly active, and muscles engaged.

3. Strengthening the thighs

Sit close to the edge of the chair. Straighten your back, set the knee on an angle of 90 °. Lift the right leg and straighten it in front of you, to be parallel to the floor. Hold this position for 2-3 seconds and lift it down. Repeat it with the left leg. Do 20 repetitions.

This exercise will enable and shape the muscles on the front of the leg, above the knee.

4. Strengthening the calf

Set feet on the floor and lift only the heels, so that rely only on the front of the feet. Push your heels as higher you as you can and then lower them back on the floor. Do 15 repetitions.

You can do this exercise while you work and study, because it doesn’t requires a lot of attention. You will maintain the strength of the calfs and your feet will look more attractive when you wear high heels.

5. Strengthening the muscles below the knee

Sit upright and put your feet on the floor. Raise the toes without pulling off the heels from the floor. Lift them as higher as you can and then lower them back on the floor. Repeat this exercise 15 times.

While practicing this movement, no one will even notice that you exercise, so you can do literally anywhere.

Exercises-while-sitting-down, Exercise-in-your-office

6. Abdominal contractions

Sit up straight. Tighten your stomach muscles and hold the contraction at least 5 seconds, then relax them. Do 10 repetitions.

7. Move your ankles

Move your ankles so the toes of your foot will move in the imaginary circle. Draw the circle 5 times clockwise and then 5 times backwards. Repeat it with the other leg.

8. Move your shoulders

Make 10 circles with your shoulders forward and another 10 in backwards. This exercise will not only move your shoulders, but will reduce the tension that accumulates in the upper back.

9. Stretch your neck

While sitting upright, slowly bend your head down so your chin touch your chest. Then bend your head back and direct the look at the ceiling. Repeat this exercise five times.

10. Elegant stretch

Raise your arms sideways while hands do not reach high above your head and then lower them elegantly in your lap. In fact, in this exercise the hands should make a big circle.

If you are surrounded by people, do the exercise only once as will not feel uncomfortable. But if you’re alone, do 10 elegant stretching, be carefully that your back is constantly straight.

The proposed exercises can reduce the negative impact of the”seating” lifestyle has on our health and appearance, but not completely neutralize. Do not be shy to do the exercises in front of your colleagues at work. Call them so they can join you and together resist on the negative effect of seating.

And do not forget …

After 30 minutes seating make at least two-minute break. Stand up, stretch and walk around the room you are in.

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