Green tea, mint and orange detox

Nice combination of green tea, orange and mint is the ideal mix for my morning. This nice tea mixture is not only delicious way to start my morning, but it also has great health benefits.

The green tea speeds up my metabolism, and it boosts fat absorption. It is a great substitute for coffee and also has benefits that are protect the organism (cancer, high blood pressure, immunity booster, stroke etc.).

I love the fresh taste of mint, and of course it enriches the taste of the green tea nicely. The mint not only gives specific enrichment to the taste of this tea, but it also speeds up digestion, speeds up the fat burning processes and protects my stomach from bloating.

green tea, orange, mint, detox

The nice orange is very appreciated because it has a unique taste, and it has nutritional an antioxidant properties. It is really rich with fiber that are incredibly useful so I can keep up my fine body line.

This is how I use it.Before I go to sleep I put one liter of water to boil, I let it cool down for 2 minutes, then I put 3 tea spoons of green tea or 5 bags of green tea and leave them in the tea for 3-5 minutes. After that, I remove the tea, and I slice up nicely washed whole orange in small pieces and put fresh mint leaves from my garden. I let put the jar in the fridge during the night and it is ready in the morning. So I start my day with this tea and I feel the benefits of it all day long. It helps me lose my weight and cleanse my body. I just love it!




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