Japanese method for a slimmer waist

Imagine slimming your waistline just by laying down. You think it’s impossible?

According to the Japanese doctor Fukutsuchi  – specialists for pelvic problems and author popular books – it’s possible!
The doctor discovered that the main cause of large deposits in the waist is the divergence of the pelvic bones and bones under the rib cage. After a series of experiments and trials, he confirmed his hypothesis and devised exercises to lose weight fast – if we can call laying down an exercise! 🙂
The essence of the method is to do it three times a day for several minutes – just laying on a towel folded into a roll.
The result – slimmer waist!

This is what you should do:
1. Fold a towel into a roll;
2. Lay on a firm surface – never on a bed, preferably on the floor and place the towel under your back. The position of the towel should be right under your navel. The folded towel should be slightly longer than the width of the back;


3. Relax. Put your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your feet so that they only the thumbs touch;


4. Fully extend your arms above your head. Turn your palms down and make your little fingers touch;


It is a pretty uncomfortable pose. If you find it difficult to extend your hands, do not force it, extend them as far as you can. It is important to make sure your little fingers and toes touch.


Lie in this position for 5 minutes. Do this exercise 3 times a day, but the first time should not be longer than 5 minutes.

It is not difficult, but at the beginning you may have an unpleasant, even painful feeling, because the skeleton will start to return to his natural position. If you find it too difficult to get through 5 minutes, start with a minute or two and increase it every day, until you get to 5 minutes. And do not miss a day to do this in order to get a stable result! In essence this is stretching. If you move the towel under the breasts – you will have the effect of raising the chest. If you put it below the ribs – the waist will become more pronounced.
Just be careful, because in this position the bones and joints are moving.
After the session, get up slowly and carefully. First on the side, then sit down and then stand up. Avoid sudden movements.
If you have any problems with the spine, back, consult your doctor before performing the exercises.
Even if you do not believe in this method, you won’t lose anything if you try it. We recommend that you measure your waistline before and after this exercise and you will be pleasantly surprised!
Over time, this position corrects the posture and gives a nice, healthy feeling throughout the body.

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