Why detoxification is important and why now is the time!

Why detoxification is important, and should be done in the Spring? Spring is the best time because, after the long cold winter, spring is the time when everything is awakening, growing and regenerating, the human organism is not excluded from this process. It is know that the philosopher Plato was demanding from his students to purify (detox) their bodies for one month so their body and their spirit is prepared for his teachings.

In this time, detoxification is important so we can improve our health, and we can regain our energy when we feel exhausted on both physical and psychological level. Our body, in normal conditions is programmed to cleanse from all toxins automatically, but the time we live in, with everyday stresses, eating unhealthy and fast food, dehydration and less and less physical work, our body wastes to much energy during these processes and there is no energy for the automatic processes of cleansing and detoxing.

Some of the symptoms that are alerting us that is time to dedicate time in renewing and detoxing our organism are: bad breath and body odor, abnormal body weight, often headaches, chronic sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma, allergies, candida, chronic fatigue, depression, skin problems, poor memory, stomach bloating and gasses and premature aging. Detox or cleansing our body helps us restore the natural balance and heal faster. Many people that I know have very nice experience with detox diets, and almost all of them are sharing the same results, better health, lesser need for sleep and felt more energy, felt less nervous and depressed, relieved chronic diseases and clearer thoughts!

If you feel some of the above symptoms I suggest dedicating some time for cleansing and regaining the balance of your organism!


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