10 Reasons to Start Bike Riding!

Apart from an excellent cardio exercise for your body, burn calories and quickly takes you to the desired destination, cycling is very fun activity that will fill you with a sense of happiness. Warm summer days are ideal for this fun activity that can be practiced alone and in company.

Read these several additional reasons why it is desirable to remove the bike from your garage and start using it more often.

1. Burns calories and tone your legs

Cycling is a great way to loss a lot of calories without putting extreme physical effort. Your weight, the resistance of which is set bicycle, the speed at which you turn the pedals, and length of the path that you have chosen to ride, effect on the number of calories burned while cycling.
Example: one-hour leisurely cycling for a person with 55 kilograms burn 220 calories.

Also you tone your legs and hips, and if you seat properly on the bike the abdominal muscles are activated. Cycling strengthens your back and buttocks muscles too.

2. Relieves stress

Everyday worries and problems may be exhausted and increase stress levels. Your mind and body feel it. Do yourself a favor, get your bike and start cycling, because it has therapeutic effect. By getting out in nature and fresh air you will feel instant relief and it will improve your condition.

The more you enjoy during the exercise, the faster you get rid of stress. The rotation of the pedals will act as a meditation. Fully concentrated on the right and vigorously turning the pedals and block all negative thoughts. The bike is really magical eraser of stress and anxiety.

3. Increases energy and feeling of happiness

You need only 30 minutes cycling a day to increase your energy levels without additional incentives to which you are accustomed, as huge amounts of coffee. You are mistaken if you believe that physical activity will exhausted you. It actually stimulates you and gives you more energy to perform daily tasks.

Like any other physical activity and cycling fills you with a sense of satisfaction. Releasing the “happy hormone” serotonin and dopamine, it contributes to stay happy and motivated.

4. Protects the heart

It is proved that cycling reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. This fun exercise will take care to reduce the risk of various diseases, such as heart complications, type 2 diabetes or cancer. Stabilize blood pressure and significantly reduces the chances of experiencing a heart attack.

Cycling is a complete “exercise” for your heart, blood vessels and lungs.

5. Protects the ankles and knees

Cycling is a cardiovascular activity that provides less friction and load the ankles and the knees, unlike physical activities like aerobics or running. The chances of injury are minimal, given the fact that regulary walk more activates knees. If you have problems with your knees, do not have doubts that cycling is the right solution for you.

6. Helps you sleep better

Cycling provides you with energy during the day and at the same time ensures that you sleep like a baby at night. Quality sleep is one of the key factors for the body and mind relax, fresh appearance and the release of excess weight. However, experts advise to pay attention of the time when you ride a bike, ie to avoid about 4 hours before bedtime.

7. Increases concentration and stimulates the brain

Morning “fuzziness” of mind after waking up can be easily cleared by cycling. The rotation of the pedals significantly improves blood circulation, from the feet all the way to the brain, which affects the brain and concentration.

While you cycle careless, get a chance to think and arrange the thoughts to prevent “blocking” of the brain.

8. Contributes to look younger

Cycling will simply make you feel and look younger, not only in spirit but in body and face.

Like any other physical activity regular cycling also will allow radiant and tightened skin, and attractive line of the body. The fact that you are  truly enjoying cycling your bike will cause a sincere smile on your face.

9. Improves sex life

Bringing the body in top shape by using a bike not only lets you feel sexy, but also balance the level of so-called sex hormones in the body. Although most of the research suggests that physical activity is directly related to endorphins, however undoubtedly affects the sex hormones like testosterone. Women who are in good physical shape delaying menopause.

“It’s good for your heart is good for your sex life.”

10. Saves the planet

Replace your car with a bicycle whenever you are able to. Be an example for your community by using this alternative of transport. You will make good for the environment that will contribute to reduce air pollution. In addition, you save time and money during transport from one location to another, deftly avoiding traffic jams.

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