Relief from stress with Six yoga exercises!

All of us have been caught up in situation where we simply can’t deal with the obligations and the work. Therefor, rather than wasting time in front of the computer or over the book without any effect, perhaps it is best to separate 10 minutes for short exercises that will return our strength, concentration and energy. Here are few exercises that you should apply the next time you are felling stressed, disoriented or you lose your focus.

Six your exercises that will help you get rid of stress.

Exercise 1: Relief from anxiety and clearing your thoughts

The key to relaxation is breathing. In fact, when we are busy and concentrating working on a long time, our breathing is shallower and leads to a lack of oxygen in our body. Deep breathing rid of harmful toxins and restores our energy. For this exercise you need to be in comfortable position(whatever makes you comfortable, sitting, laying ..) where your spine is straighten up. Inhale trough the nose while counting to 4, hold the air for 3 seconds and exhale our while counting to 4. Repeat this 10 times and every time your thoughts will be clearer and more focused.

Exercise 2: relief of tension in the neck and shoulders

Yoga, exercise for relief of tension,    If you were sitting in exercise 1, stay in the same position, but this time stretch up your arms over your head with the palms up. Try to keep up your hands in line with your ears and keep your shoulders relaxed, you should not be tense. Keep your hands in this position for five long breaths and then lower the. Shake up your shoulders and repeat this exercise for 5 times.


Exercise 3: Relief of stiffness in the shoulders

exercise 3Stand up straight up so that your feet can be placed on the width of the hips. Extend your arms on both sides , parallel to the floor. Then fold our hands and place them both elbows next to each other, so that the external side of your palms is touching each other.



Exercise 4: Stretch up your chest!

exercis 4

Standing straight up, stretch your arms behind your back, put your fingers into fists and then slowly merge them next to each other. Look forward, straighten up as much as you can and slowly lift your merged hands as much as you can (behind you). Keeping this position take 5 long breaths. Repeat this exercise 3 times.



Exercise 5: Remove the tension in the neck and the spine!

Remove the tension in the neck and the spine!  Remove the tension in the neck and the spine!  exercise 5For this exercise you should be standing straighten up. From position with straighten spine and the feet in position the is in line with your hips, bent one of your hands at the elbow over the other hand and lean forward as far as you can. Hold this position and take 5 deep breaths. You can slightly bend your knees if the pressure is too great. Repeat this exercise 3 times.


Exercise 6: Stretch up the back and hips!

exercise 6Laying on your back bend your left leg so your left ankle is placed on over your right knee. Now go and place the ankle of your right hand onto your left knee. Put your left hand under the left leg and try grab the right hand whom is onto the left knee. With the two hands around the left leg, slowly pull the leg toward your self. You will feel the stretching up of the right hip. Try to stay in this position for 5 breaths. Repeat this exercise with the other leg, and do it one more time for each leg.

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