9 Steps to cleansed and detoxed body, and how to keep balanced body!

With the fast and stressful lifestyle, much of junk food our body has no time to take care of it self. By this I meant, all the toxins that are by product from the lifestyle in the XXI century, will stay in our bodies if we don’t do anything. Here is link to a post, where you can find all the symptoms that are suggesting you that you should start with detox.

Here are some every day detox tips that will help you to throw out The Toxins and be more energetic and beautiful.

More Water

The simplest and the best advice is take more water. I know this sounds simple but in order to detox you should take like 4 l of water that is equal of around 20-25 glasses of water. Much of a water is suggested in every detox program, cos it keeps hydrated our bodies, and the excess of water get outs from our bodies with a bunch of toxins. So if you want to detox, or you want to keep all the toxins out of your bodies DRINK WATER. If you are one of the types that forgets to drink water, simply make a 30 minutes alarm and on every 30 minutes take a glass of water.

More Alkaline Foods

It wont be bad if you start the morning with a lemonade. The lemon is one of the great alkaline foods. This acid helps you to keep the ideal PH balance. To keep good balance you should also add fresh vegetables and fruits such as carrots, beets, broccoli, kale, spinach, lemon and plums.


More Fiber

When you feel the need of detox in your body, you need to stop eating foods that are full with bad proteins and fat. More fiber will help your digestive system works properly. It is best to food rich with fiber in the morning. Here is a link to a post with foods that are rich with fiber and will help you to detox.


Limit the Intake of Dairy Product

Dairy product usually slow the digestion and increase the acid. In order to stay clean and detox program to work you need to avoid dairy products and take some soy, rice or almond milk instead of regular milk, and maybe try toy cheese with nice spices if you are addicted to cheese :).

More Bio Coffee and Tea

Caffeine can increase the desire for sugar and sugar is really bad for cleansing, but that is not the biggest caffeine problem. Regular coffee may raise the blood pressure and usually it slow downs the digestion which also slows down the detox, that is the strongest reason why we should not start the day with coffee. If you are a coffee addict try some bio coffee, but if you can stop drinking coffee it is for the best, at least try to drink coffee at least 2 hours after the breakfast.

More Physical Activity

The best way to get the toxins our is trough sweat. Try to take long walks, to ride bicycle and stay active as much as you can. Cardio is the best way to help the diets with the detox. Take a few minutes cardio training, if you like here is my favorite cardio workout. The cardio is the hard way, you can do it with long walks and sauna treatments. But remember ACTIVITY and SWEATING!

activity is good

Less Carbohydrates

For the cleans and detox to work you should watch the intake of carbohydrates. This is not so hard just take less sugar products and take low fat yogurts. Be careful with the salads, bunch of the dressings are full of sugar and products rich with carbohydrates.

Make a Vegan Day for Yourself

One day of the week will do it. Decide to be a vegan for one day of the week. The food of plant origin will rest your liver and pancreas. Take one day of the week, lets say Tuesday, and eat only vegetables, vegetable milk, nuts and products from vegetable origin.


For the end

Easiest way for detox programs is to stay detoxed, try to do all of this steps in daily, don’t fully change your lifestyle but try to stay detoxed with small changes of your life. Also never forget to take everyday green smoothies. Make sure you drink lemon, cucumber, spinach and chia seeds.

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