Efficient and cheap – homemade coffee body scrub

The skin needs constant care to keep it soft and velvety, and one of the basic steps is certainly the body scrub. The best and safest and cheapest way to remove the layer of dead skin cells is to create an all-natural exfoliating scrub. I tried it and decided to share with you this simple, but more than an effective recipe for coffee scrub. You will need only three ingredients that you probably have in the kitchen and 10 minutes to do the whole. Try it, your skin will thank you!


  • 3 teaspoons of coffee (black)
  • 3 teaspoons of sugar (white or brown crystals)
  • A few spoons of oil (olive oil, coconut oil, whatever you have)


Combine all ingredients to get a butter-like mass. It should not be too liquid or too thick.



Use it like any other body scrub, and of course, using shower gel, remove the excess oil from the body.
The skin will become incredibly soft, smooth and velvety. And most importantly, this is a completely natural product.

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