Find out how to speed up your metabolism and reach the desired shape!

Metabolism is the sum of all biochemical processes in the body, or simply put –  it is the speed at which the body burns calories entered through food.
With age the metabolism slows down, especially after the age of 30. Many people complain that they are have slow metabolism, and therefore have problems with excess weight.

Check out how to speed up your metabolism and lose weight!

1. Get enough sleep – the optimal amount of sleep is 8 hours, so make sure you sleep 8 hours between 22:00 to 6:00 am, an hour sooner or later, depending on your working hours and duties. Reducing the number of hours of good quality sleep affects the hormones that regulate metabolism and appetite.


2. Drink plenty of liquids – You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, so start drinking water as soon as you wake up! It is recommended to drink hot water with lemon before each meal and at bedtime. A well hydrated body allows faster calorie burning.

3. Physical activity – You need to have any kind of physical activity during the day, preferably in the morning, an easy walk, yoga, running,
whatever your tastes are, it is essential to form muscles because they consume more calories.

Find out how to speed up metabolism and reach your desired shape!1

4. Eat regularly – Eat your meals approximately at the same time every day. You should eat breakfast 1-2 hours after you wake up, lunch at about 14:00 and lunch at 19:00. Of course the exact times depend on your needs and obligations. Eat snacks between meals!

5. Amount of food – Distribute your daily food intake into 5 meals – three main and two snacks so the body won’t enter the saving phase.


6. Avoid industrial processed foods – Replace them with natural food, fruits, vegetables and grains.






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