How to grow your eyelashes in a natural way

The first thing we notice about someone are the eyes. Whether you have makeup or not, long thick eyelashes are something that will surely leave an impression.

Some lucky people have naturally thick and long lashes, but by far the greater number of us need to use mascara if they want their eyelashes to be seen.Fortunately, there are natural ways to increase the volume and length of eyelashes.

1. Brush your eyelashes – Yes, you need to brush your eyelashes from time to time. Of course, use a specialized brush that won’t damage the lashes. This will facilitate their growth.

2. Vaseline – Vaseline is a great treatment for dry lips and dry skin but it is also great for the growth of your lashes. . Take an old washed mascara brush and apply Vaseline on the eyelashes from the root to the tips. It is best that you do this at bedtime and leave it overnight. This will hydrate the lashes and accelerate their growth.


3. Vitamins that are beneficial for hair growth are also good for your eyelashes. Biotin and B complex vitamins apart from being useful for your hair and nails, they are also very good for the lashes and their growth.

4. Castor oil – this is certainly the product that is most recommended for hair growth, and therefore for the lashes. Apply it with a clean mascara brush at bedtime and leave it overnight. Soon you will see results!

5. Green tea –  In addition to being as good antioxidant and it is recommended that you consume it daily, it is also great for the health of the eyelashes. Soak a piece of cotton into a cup of green tea, place it onto your eyelids and leave it for a few minutes.


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