How to motivate yourself to work out?

Working out will increase your self-confidence, make you look great, give you more energy and improve your health in many different ways. Yes, yes … Rarely a woman does not know this, but there remains a small number of women who rarely practice physical activity. And why is that? It is due to lack of motivation.

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Motivation is what you need to get out of bed, take yourself to the fitness gym and practice regularly. Here are some tips that can help you find the necessary motivation to make working out part of your everyday life:

Always set goals you want to achieve. You want to look great at the beach? Now is the time to stand up and do some exercise. But when the summer ends, do not stop, set your new goal. Many people practice for a certain period of the year and then they give up. They see that their body shape is improved, they reached the goal and start to lose motivation, so for several months they are back to their old look. To avoid this, you set yourself a new goal, such as : “to look sexy on my birthday party” or “finally to button up the floral dress that I keep so long in the closet.” As long as you have goals, you will have the motivation to achieve them.

Add some fun into your workout routine. Yes, the rotation of the stationary bike is very boring, especially if you have to do it 30 minutes. But there is always a way to you make it  fun. Listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite series. Before you blinked, you passed 30 minutes. If you hate the gym, then try something more interesting like yoga, Tae Bo, dancing, something that will give incentive not to miss any session.

Buy workout clothes. Exercise should bring you pleasure and should feel good while doing it, so proper clothes is the first step. Besides, after you buy clothes, you will feel bad if they stay unused. It should give you the motivation to get up and justify the expenses you made.

workout motivation, work out clothes9How to motivate yourself to workout?How to motivate yourself to workout?

If you go to the  gym, it should be close to your home. The further a fitness gym is the more excuses you can find not to go. Choose a gym that is closer to your home, even if there are fewer deals and does not look so modern as a large fitness center.

Look for a good example that you will follow. When you enter the fitness room, there are always two types of women. One group is with arranged hairstyle and sometimes makeup, dressed in fancy clothes which are sorry to sweat and other group of women with gathered hair and comfortable clothes in order to sweat more. The first type of women will find a magazine to read while leisurely spin the cycle, and the second type will try hard to work out as much as possible. You select a pattern that would follow from the second group. Or let it be someone from your environment, perhaps colleague that looks particularly young for her age because she takes care of herself.

Find your partner for working out. Invite a friend or colleague to be your partner for exercising, so you will motivate each other. But do not choose a partner who you know that will easily give up. Find a partner that wants to improve his live through exercise just like you. Maybe you will decide to compete with him.

How to motivate yourself to workout?

Do not overdo the exercises at the beginning. When you start some workout classes, do not try to do all the exercises as your instructor. It is the same  if you exercise at home, watching some videos. If your workout is excessive, the next day you will not be able to get up from the bed, so it is easy to assume that motivation will sink into water. The key is moderation. Start slowly and every two or three days increase the exercises you do.

Visualize. Take pictures of the old days when you think you were in top form. Or if you don’t have such photos, imagine how you want to look. Whenever you’re in the middle of exercise and have no more desire to move, imagine in the best picture of yourself, i.e the look to which you aspire. You’ll receive an incentive to continue on as soon as possible to be proud of your achievement.

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Plan your day/days off. It will be difficult to motivate yourself if you exercise every day. Determine two days of the week for a pause (for example, Wednesday and Sunday). If it is Saturday and you become lazy and can’t get out of the bed, you will have the chance to say “Let’s do today and tomorrow I will rest”. Days of rest will increase the likelihood that you will stick to your plan.

Follow the progress. Before starting a new exercise plan, record the amount of your body weight. Measure the hands and the feet in the thighs, waist and hips. When several weeks pass do the measurement and record the results. Once you make several measurements, draw a graph that will clearly show your progress in terms of elapsed time. Each data entry will be more and more motivational.

Reward yourself. Whenever you reach a certain goal – reward yourself. Did you exercise an additional 20 minutes? Buy a book and enjoy while resting or go to the movies. But the reward should not be food. You’ll have no benefit to practice an additional 20 minutes if then you eat a hamburger. The higher the achievement is, the higher the prize should be.

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When you have crisis and when you are too lazy, remember how you feel after exercising. Every person who regularly exercises would agree that the feeling after the workout is great. Exercise increases the levels of the hormone of happiness and makes you feel comfortable with yourself.

Surely if you want to feel it, do not be lazy and start to move your body.

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