Quit these habits and you will get instant flat stomach

Bloating is a common problem of modern women for which we are not satisfied with our appearance, and are subjected to rigorous diets.
In fact, you should only change a few daily habits and you will get instant flat stomach! Sounds too good to be true?
Try to get rid of these habits and you will quickly see the results, because every inch less is important, right?

1. Become a slow eater – One of the most common causes of bloating of the stomach is slowed digestion. This happens when you eat too quickly and do not leave enough time to prepare the food for digestion. It is essential that the food is as much chewed in the mouth if you want the digestive process to be faster and easier. Also, when we eat too fast, especially standing, it creates a feeling of bloating because we also swallow air. Also, fast eating makes you lose track of the amount of food. Therefore, you need sit and eat slowly and chew as much as possible. Your body will thank you!


2. Stop consuming carbonated beverages – every drink that has bubbles is not good for your line, because you consume air in the stomach for which you get a feeling of bloating and slow digestion. Not to mention that these drinks are usually full of unhealthy sugars and sweeteners.

3. Avoid canned food and snacks – Excessive amounts of sodium in the body is not a good thing for your stomach and line. And canned food contains plenty of sodium! In fact, everything that is packed in a plastic bag, box or can usually contains a large amount of sodium and it should be avoided. Turn to fresh foods like fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks.



4. The last meal of the day must not be immediately before going to bed – If you eat late, be sure that you’ll wake up with a bloated stomach. During bed rest, especially during sleeping, the functions of the body to slow down, including the digestive tract, so the food is slowly digested. In addition to bloated stomach you will get restless and will have a poor quality sleep and nowhere to burn the calories so they will stick to your abdomen or thighs. If you are very hungry, eat some food that does not have a large amount of fiber, so it won’t take long to digest it.

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