The Three Most Important Anti-Stress Tips

If  you are hurrying, being late, nothing is going from first hand and you are under tremendous stress – the breathing is not helping, then it is time to apply these tips.

If You are  waking up late and must get a quick outfit, you got to go work. Rush through the kitchen and you spill a coffee on the skirt. Return to change. Then at the door you realized that you have changed the bag and the wallet is not there. You return and take it from the shelf and rushed out again. In front of the building you can not find your car keys … Should you go back again to the apartment …

The picture of this kind of beginnings of the days certainly sounds familiar to many. If this often happen to you, it is time for some thinking changes, advises popular zen blogger Leo Babauta.

1. Dedicate yourself to one thing

Take one by one step and dedicate to the one task you are doing. Immerse yourself in it, feel the need to leave the dashed through it and then get to the next task. To-do list never stops anyway … So let that next one comes later. Be one with your task, let it be your entire universe.

2. Relieve idealization

Stress on creating external factors, work or family problems, these are just parts of our lives. Fear produces stress. Fear of failure, fear of not being loved, that you are not good enough, the fear that someone will leave you… The root of fear lies in the ideal that we create, then we are afraid that it will not reach. In the head we see the image of a successful and perfect ourselves, surrounded by similar people, who constantly enjoy. When we realize that this is impossible, we are hurt. Stays the stress that occurred while we despaired if we will attain the ideal of success. Instead you inflict pain, accept uncertainty and let you believe that everything will be fine. We will less fear, and stress will be significantly reduced.



3. Accept the other with a smile

We are usually upset when others do not behave as we think they should. Rather than look at it as something disturbing, try to accept others. If we accept them as they are, we recognized in them a part of yourself, imperfect, in search of happiness, in the struggle for happiness, behave the way they think they should be, doing what they know, everything just as we are. Because you accept them from the heart, enjoy the time spent with them and you will be happier and less stressed.

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