Yoga during pregnancy – yes or no?

Definitely yes!
Pregnancy is an ideal time to start doing yoga, because these exercises balance the hormones, improve circulation, relieve pain, strengthen the pelvis … But most important of all is that these exercises help a woman to  connect more deeply with her baby.
Experience shows that women who practiced yoga during pregnancy, felt its benefits long after the birth. Yoga improves physical fitness and  eliminates the discomfort in the body and back pain.

Working with pregnant women, mothers and babies is especially satisfactory. It’s wonderful to work with these groups, because they are very specific and inspiring. Mothers who come to classes as pregnant women, usually show interest to return  after childbirth and keep doing yoga.



Yoga during pregnancy is important, because women work on strength and muscle flexibility, coordination and balance. The classes for the future moms offer special exercises. Mothers in classes establish a special relationship with their children, but also with the group and together with the help of yoga find their peace, satisfaction and fulfillment.
– The most common motive for people to go to yoga is everyday life, because more than 80% of modern diseases are based on stress which block the circulation of energy in the body.

Yet, there are some things to pay attention to when it comes to yoga during pregnancy:
* If you go to a regular yoga practice, be sure to tell your instructor that you are pregnant in order to do certain exercises that are good for you during pregnancy.

* After the first trimester do not do any poses that involve lying on your back, because it can reduce the blood supply to the fetus.

* From the second trimester do the standing exercises by holding onto a wall or chair.
* Avoid doing exercises in overheated rooms.
* Listen to your body. If you do any exercise with extreme difficulty or pressure, don’t do them. Focus on the ones that you can enjoy.

Yoga during pregnancy – yes or no?

Yoga poses that are good during pregnancy:
* Butterfly stretching,
* Bending at the waist in a sitting position,
* Cat / cow,
* Cobra,
* Side angle,
* A standing forward bend (with a chair for reliance)
* Triangle pose

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