Yoga For Healthy Heart

We may think that yoga therapy is nothing more than work on the flexibility of the body and mental relaxation. However, medical studies indicate that yoga can directly act on the central nervous system, blood circulation and metabolism …

yoga, Yoga For Health Heart
Yogic postures, or asanas, include slow rhythmic contraction and relaxation of muscles and deep, slow breathing. All this improves circulation and lung function. Even in 1969, scientists RA Stone and J. De Leo, investigating cases of patients with high blood pressure, proved to be a yoga and relaxation reduces the amount of DBH’s (dopamine-beta-hydroxylase) in the hypothalamus. Reducing the levels of this enzyme, which is essential for the synthesis of noradrenaline – a precursor of adrenaline – soothes and helps in lowering blood pressure.

In addition to a beneficial effect on blood pressure, yoga reduces other risks of cardiovascular disease – lowers cholesterol, tone down heart rate and helps in slowing the progression of atherosclerosis, which is evident from the results of several studies led by Dr.. Erin Olivo, Head of integrative medicine program at University of Columbia. Although science has not fully explained the effect of yoga on heart health, according to some Indian schools of yoga therapy, heart function is closely linked to our emotional metabolism, and repressed emotions heart burden on the physical level.

In other words, when we are nervous, full of care, we encourage action of the autonomic nervous system, which sends the bloodstream stress hormones. Then the muscles of the heart tense further, heart rate accelerates, the heart is under greater pressure, which eventually leads to high blood pressure. Yoga helps in timely awareness, balancing and release repressed emotions.


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