3 exercises, perfect buttocks challenge !

In order to have nicely shaped buttocks, it is necessary to do exercises that are strenghtening the muscles on the legs. The exercises are simple and you can do them at home, but in order to achieve nice results, You must be patient.

Exercise for shaping the legs!

Exercise for shaping the legs!


Lay on your back with your knees put together. On the exhale lift your hips and stay in that position. From that point, put one leg in the air but remember the thighs remain side by side. With the inhale lower the hips and do this 15 times with each leg.


Exercises for shaping the buttocks.

donkey kiks for thighten ass

Lie on your stomach in a cat position, leaning on your palms and knees. Straight one of your legs while the other one stays bent. On the exhale lift the extended leg as much as you can and hold it there for 3 second, while you inhale put it back on the ground. The exercise should be repeated 15 times for each leg.

Exercise for strengthening your buttocks!


For this exercise you will need a lower bench, step machine, stairs or a nice solid and small chair. Climb up to the lower bench or the step machine. One foot stays on the bench, the second bend backwards and when inhale lower it slowly. When you get in squat position hold the position for a few seconds. On the exhale lift up. Do 12 to 15 squats relying first on one then on the other leg.

Do this 3 exercises for at 28 days and you will see nice results!

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