3-step exercise to tighten your whole body

Regular exercise is not just good for your looks, it also improves the overall condition of the body, improves the health and psychological condition, it is also excellent in fighting depression and prevents numerous diseases.
Exercise will give you confidence when it comes to physical appearance, but it will improve your posture and other spheres of life.
You should think about physical activity on a daily basis as a small deposit on the account of psycho-physical health, which can only do you good. That’s why you need to work out even 15 minutes a day!
Today we present to you a 3-step exercise that affects the muscles of the whole body – 5 minutes every day and you will quickly notice the results.

Position # 1 – Go in a plank position – straighten the spine – legs, buttocks, back and head should be in the same line. Look at the floor.



Position # 2 – Pick up one hand high above your head, turn the whole body to the side and look at the hand. Hold this position for 1 minute.



Position # 3 – Return to the starting position, then lift the other hand and repeat the pose on the other side.
Repeat the exercise as many times as you want.

3-step exercise

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