DIY homemade peel cream for softer skin and cellulite and stretch marks improvement!

Beautiful body goes with beautiful skin. For all those that want to DIY, and all those who do not want chemicals, You should definitely try this peelings.

With help of the home made peelings, not only you will clean your skin and help it regenerate it self, you can also improve the stretch marks and the cellulite. This simple sugar-salt peeling, will absolutely help you, and you will feel results with really budget affordable resources.

Go homemade peeling against stretch mark and cellulite, lets prepare it!

For its preparation you will need: 250 grams of salt. 250 grams of sugar and 100-150 ml palm or coconut oil.

It is best if you use sea salt, cos it is richer with iodine and trace elements whom are contributing to the skin renewal.

Mix the sugar(250 g) salt(250g) and the oil (100ml) and continue mixing till you get thick yogurt.

Usu the scrub every night when showering, at least scrub the troubled parts of the skin, massaging in circular motion for 2-3 minutes each. After that wash it our with warm water. After the procedure you should add moisturizing cream or lotion. Here is a link to the lotion that I recommend and it is also homemade 🙂

After a month of regular use of the peels you will notice that the stretch marks and the cellulite become less noticeable and your skin will be soft like a baby skin. When you see positive effects do not stop by any mean, it is possible it completely removes the stretch marks and the cellulite.

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