Exercising During Your Period

As much as the girls once avoided the sport class during the period, it has been proven that menstruation does not affect the exercising. Therefore, if you are an adult now and you’re not the girl who goes to school, stop looking for excuses that does not exist and do the workout because the pain, the swelling, the laziness, have no effects on the exercising.

Menstruation causes bloating, pain in the lower abdomen and sleepiness, all these symptoms do not support the working out, but if you resist them and you are working out in spite of all these symptoms, you will be much better and will restore your lost energy.

Running is the best medicine to remove pain from the abdomen, and flatulence, yes it sound incredible! All you need is to go for a short run and be insistent, and soon you will feel the results.

Exercising During Your Period

During the running blood easily comes up to the kidneys, causing better work of the kidneys. At the very least you should feel the urge to urinate, which is a very good sign because it means that your kidneys started functioning. By running you will expel the excess fluid of your body which make you fell bloating.

The pace would be like every other day. During your period you should not change anything, run the same intensity and the same route as you do every day, but if you think it is too hard for you reduce the pace or halve the default route, to become a little easier. It is better to reduce the pace then not going for a run at all.

Of course all of these tips apply to women who daily run and if you have not run every day, do not start running during your period. But  start with everyday running as soon as the period ends. Running is one of the best exercises for your body, both internally and externally, so you do not denial it.

Exercising During Your PeriodExercising During Your Period


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