Get rid of cellulite using apple cider wrap!

If you haven’t been active this winter, but you have a lot of sitting you probably have cellulite. And that means long struggle to get rid of it. There are effective solutions such as proper nutrition, exercise and massage. However, many women have problems with deep cellulite, which can not easily be removed. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct regular in-depth treatments for cellulite removal. Although it is a known fact that these treatments and massages are very expensive, we have found an alternative that you can do at home!

Today we present to you vinegar wraps. They have proven to be an excellent solution in the fight against cellulite. Within a few hours they remove the surface cellulite, and if you use them regularly they will remove the deep cellulite too! For this wraps you ONLY need 2 ingredients, that you must have at home!


  • body lotion
  • apple cider

body lotion + apple cider



  • towel
  • transparent foil

Mix a quarter cup of body lotion and a tablespoon of apple cider. Stir the ingredients until they are well combined. The next step you’re doing is very important if you want effective results! Wet the towel with cold water, squeeze it and then put it on the part of the body that you want to wrap in foil later for a few minutes. It is important that the water is as cold as possible to further “open the pores” of the skin (the myth is that the pores are opened and closed, and because there is no muscle tissue around them, they can only be slightly relaxed and cold water promotes better circulation of the body which actually makes better absorption of all the nutrients). This will help the in-depth treatment of cellulite. After a few minutes, apply the mixture on your skin, but do not rub! Wrap tightly with the transparent foil (we recommend that you wrap in several layers of foil) and leave it for about 6 hours.




You can move with the wraps, but we recommend to reduce movement to a minimum so the foil will not move out of place.



You can wrap any part of the body where cellulite occurs. Also, for more effective and faster results, we recommend that you repeat this treatment at least 3 times a week. In addition, you should moisturize the skin and do some kind of physical activity.

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