From bad day to beautiful one With positive thinking and mind exercises!

Did you know that in one day we experience about 20,000 moments?

Moment is a period of few seconds in which the brain register the event, and this happens 20.000 times a day. Depending on how the brain responds to this moments – as positive, negative or neutral and the ratio between them – will be determined how are we going to feel about the day and are we going to be in bad or good mood.

If you just have one of those days where the ratio between the negative and positive moments is in the favor of the negative, you will feel pretty bad. The first effort you give to feel better, should be thanking yourself and the others, about the good things you have.

If we realize that we have many good things many good moments, and not only bad, the act of gratitude will became mood-healing act.

In the moments of blockage and rage, spent 8 minutes in so called “cloud” Think of some joyful situation, and take deep breaths (3 second inhale, 3 second hold breath, and 4 seconds exhale). This should become your practice, it will help you relax and get back to work. But remember this is just a push out of the negative moments, you should always find time and analyze why it happened so you can prevent it from happening in the future.

Although sometimes it seems very difficult to distance yourself from the problem, even for few minutes, you should always be persistent and constantly practice it. With proper usage this method will trick your brain and make positive thoughts.

To begin with the practice of positive thinking, take a bit from your free time and think about the most positive thoughts from the past to the present and write them down on a piece paper that that you will always carry with you.

From bad day to beautiful one With positive thinking and mind exercises!

However if no positive thoughts are cheering you up, you can try the trick that psychologist call “the five positive for negative attitude”. Specifically for every negative thought you must come up with five positive thoughts that have some similarities with the negative one. With this method you will weigh what is the positive from the negative thought and will help you come to a positive final solution. It is important to remember always to do your best to harness the bad thoughts, the best way is to do a joke from them, with blocking the negative thoughts you are unblocking your mind and you will be calmer, healthier and most importantly you will be able to better grasp the life and solve the problems in the right way.

After all there there is big truth in the saying of Buddha “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves”


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