Power walking – for slim figure and healthy mind

We believe that most of you are not fans of starvation and sweating in the gym or fitness center. Do not worry, there is a way to lose weight without doing that! The warm weather is perfect for power walks!

Why is it good?
– Regular power walks can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, strengthen the bones, improve metabolism and circulation.
– The time spent doing this physical activity will relieve tension and anxiety, so it’s great as anti-stress treatment.
– Besides being healthier, you can lose about half a kg of body weight in 10 days.
– Unlike jogging, power walking has no risk of overloading the joints or injuries
– Ideal for of all of you who sit a lot at work and don’t have physical activity.

The number of steps a day, in order to achieve visible results and effects to your health and body weight is 10 000 steps. That accounts for about 1 hour of power walking a day or about 7.5 km.
Of course, you don’t have to do this at once, but you can do few shorter power walks a day.
If you want your power walk to become a form of recreational sport it has to meet certain criteria.
– Move faster than the everyday walking with smaller steps.
– The whole body is completely straight and the hands are active.
– The upper body is straight, the back is relaxed, and the look is focused ahead.
– The palms are relaxed and closed.
– The foot on which you rely, while on the ground must be straight until immediately prior to separation from the ground.

-The breath is deep, in line with your walking rhythm.

– And most importantly – one foot must always be in contact with the ground, because if it’s not, then you are jogging.


power walking


Before training
– The last meal before the power walk should be an hour earlier. Do not do this activity with full stomach. If you are very hungry, eat wholegrain energy bars or a banana.
– Just before the walk, it is necessary to have a good stretch and warm up to avoid muscle injuries – especially if you’re a beginner!
– Start with a slow walk, which should take 10 min and then slowly accelerate.
If you breathe faster, but you can still say a normal sentence – you achieved the perfect pace.

The clothes and footwear must be adapted to this activity.
You need to wear running trainers – as comfortable as possible and good support for the joints. Preferably, you can chose natural materials so that your legs won’t sweat.

power walking


There are no rules for clothing – it is important to be made of cotton and to be comfortable.

Always carry a bottle of water. A good trick is to take two bottles of water that can serve as weights. This way you increase the effort and the number of calories burned.

It is best to gradually enter into the routine of power walking. If you do it abruptly you may cause muscle fatigue. Follow the reaction of your body on a given pace and gently accelerate depending on your condition.

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