Reach the desired tan in no time this summer – foods that affect the production of melanin

Finally it’s sunbathing season and we just can not wait to get that nice tanned complexion.
In order to get the golden-brown tan as soon as possible, we should not fry in the sun for hours, because with a tanned complexion you can also get a number of skin problems such as burns, irritations, allergies, depigmentation, but also more serious diseases such as skin cancer!
There are far healthier ways to speed up the production of melanin – the pigment in the skin. The main function of melanin is to protect the skin from excessive exposure to harmful UV radiation. Therefore, it is very important and beneficial for the skin health!
To foster and accelerate the natural production you need to eat the right foods. Check out the list of foods that affect the production of melanin, start consuming them regularly and get that perfect tan you always wanted to have!

1. Foods of animal origin – Foods of animal origin contain many nutrients that affect the production of melanin. One of the most important mineral is copper. It is an essential for the body in very small amounts, but certainly its presence in the cells is crucial. Copper affects the production of melanin, and elastin, which gives the skin elasticity and provides a toned look. You can find it in oysters, mussels, animal innards – especially the liver, as well as feathered animals – chicken, turkey. Dairy products such as cheese and milk are also rich in copper.

Reach the desired tan in no time this summer - foods that affect the production of melanin


2. Soybeans and seeds – Soy affects the production of melanin thanks to the nutrient called tyrosine. This is an amino acid that affects the formation of proteins in the organism. This nutrient, can be found in soybeans and products made from it, but also in various other seeds – pumpkin, sesame and green beans.

3. Other foods – Many other foods contain copper and tyrosine, which are the main responsible nutrients for the production of melanin. So you should introduce more nuts and legumes, especially almonds, peanuts and beans in your diet. Dark leafy vegetables also can be helpful, as well as avocados, bananas, whole grain cereals and chocolate (dark).

NOTE – If you want to speed up the process, you can take supplements of the mentioned nutrients (copper and tyrosine), but you MUST consult a Reach the desired tan in no time this summer - foods that affect the production of melanindoctor before using them!



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