Six Great Detox Drinks

The fruits and vegetables with green color have a healing effect on our body. Practically all contain a minimum of calories, while they also have great wealth of vitamins and minerals.

Except that, the green fruits and vegetables are excellent cleaners for our organism, cos they are accelerating our metabolism.

Drinks from the green fruits and vegetables can be used in any time of the day, and also they are excellent option for a snack. The best thing they are easy to prepare.

All you need to do put them into a blender till you get nice mixture and add a bit water so it becomes drinkable.

Now here are the 6 green detox drinks!

Apple + Avocado + Lettuce + Kiwi

Apple - Avocado- Lettuce- Kiwi

Cucumber+ parsley

Cucumber + parsley

Great for easy drink in the evening. The cucumbers are made of 90% water, so thanks to this feature this drink is excellent for drinking in the hot summer. By adding few leaves of parsley we get fantastic combination

The unique properties of parsley come from its rich chemical composition. 100 g of this plant contains 2 days dose for vitamin S and carotene, which is really good to have in the hot days

Apple +Lime + Cucumber

Apple + lime + cucumber

Lime is not only contributing to elimination of the toxins from our body, but it also has a calming effect on the nervous system, so it basically boost our mood and our immunize system.

Pepper + Lemon juice

Pepper + lemon juice


This is unusual combination, The content of group B vitamins that come from the peers are great for stress and they boost our memory. So if you feel fatigue this is the drink for you.

Broccoli + Apple + Lime

Broccoli + apple + lime

To overestimate the beneficial properties of the broccoli is impossible. This type of vegetable has a high protein content, and excellent amount of minerals and vitamins.

Celery + Apple

celery and apple

This is the most widespread variant of the green potion. This is low calorie drink, that help us to get rid from the toxins and is extremely useful for a road-trip 🙂



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