Solving the cellulite problem!

If you are nervous, frustrated because you have no solution to remove cellulite from your thighs, buttocks or abdomen, please do not feel that way – 90% of the woman have faced this problem. Not only a big number of woman have faced it, but a big number of woman are facing it at the moment and believe me I know It is a mood changer. I did nice research and now I’ll share with you what I’ve found.

First of all, what causes the cellulite!

Even after numerous investigations, experts are not unanimous in defining the cellulite, but all of them agree that under certain factor the chance of gaining cellulite are enormous. This factors are personal( genetic predisposition, slow metabolism, certain hormonal disorders and poor circulation) but most of them are changeable with healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, and physical activity.

Therefore change of the lifestyle, but also the menu and using some home made creams, and cellulite exercises are the solution.

Just know that the cellulite problem is not problem that only overweight people have, on contrary it is also problem to the skinny people too. This means that strict diets and starvation won’t help the cellulite problem it will only harm your metabolism. Sudden weigh loss will just ruin your skin and it may cause stretch marks.

Solving the cellulite problem!

In this part We will pay attention on the diet that can help us lose cellulite !

If you want to alleviate the problem, diet rich in vitamins that strengthen the connective tissue are preferred.The best vitamins to do that is vitamin C and vitamin B

Studies have shown that vitamin C, that is really great antioxidant, also reduces the level of fat in the blood, strengthens the blood vessels and the connective tissue. Lack of this vitamin, which can be found in fruit and vegetables, can cause weakening of the blood vessels as well varicose veins.

Vitamin B6 also helps to strengthen the connective tissue, and acts as natural diuretic( it eliminates the substances that make cellulite more visible). It is found in green leafy vegetables, legumes, chicken, fish and bananas, and it is essential for the proper adsorption of zinc. Specifically this vitamin is very important to be taken with calcium, it stimulates the secretion of collagen, a constituent part of the connective tissue.

How to use antioxidants to remove cellulite!

Foods full of antioxidants neutralize the free radicals and help the regeneration of damaged tissue. In addition to vitamins, antioxidants act as polyphenols and bioflavonoids. Most of them are easy to find in fruits like: apples, pears, red berries and fruit of citrus. When it comes to vegetables, green vegetables are especially recommended because they are rich in fiber, but also carrots, because they contain vitamins A and E.

Solving the cellulite problem, veggetables diet!


Solving the cellulite problem with the help of lecithin and fatty acids!

Lecithin prevents the accumulation of fat in the walls of the blood vessel, at the same time restoring the damaged tissue. You will consume enough of it if you incorporate soy, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower in your diet. On the other hand, fatty acids help in the feed of water to the damaged cells and connective tissue cells and stimulate hydration. There are nice amount of fatty acids in nuts, sea fish, flax seeds .. broccoli, spinach and peas are also rich in healthy fatty acids that regenerate damaged connective tissue.

Solving the cellulite problem!

Solving the cellulite problem with protein!

Instead of pork, incorporate chicken or turkey in your diet. Protein from these meats stimulate the secretion of collagen, which tightens the connective tissue around the fat cells and makes the skin look smoother. Eggs, fish and skim milk are also rich in protein, and if you’re a fan of a vegetarian diet, you can have proteins trough eating green leafy vegetables, nuts or wheat. Vegetarians certainly better know how to remove cellulite from the stomach, because they are rarely obese.

Solving the cellulite problem, proteins good for it!

Solving the cellulite problem with water!

Do not try to get rid of cellulite if you are not willing to consume enough water. Studies have shown that it is less noticeable on a healthy, hydrated skin, so the water is essential to improve the appearance. This precious liquid is not calorific, and to some extent causes the feeling of satiety. It is also recommended to eat juicy fruits and vegetables, such as melons, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers …

Solving the cellulite problem!

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