TOP 3 fitness exercises for perfect thighs and buttocks

The weather is nice and we don’t have to work out only indoors, we can go out and start training in the open air. Even though we are in a constant hurry and do not have much time to exercise, these exercises will change your sports spirit from the root!
We present to you the top 3 exercises to tighten the thighs and lift the buttocks! They are easy to remember and you’ll need a total of 15 minutes to complete them.

Exercise 1



First, warm up for your training. The ideal exercise for that is the alternating side lunge. Every time you switch from one leg to another, touch your foot with the opposing fingers. Do 3 series of 25 exercises. In this exercise, the whole thighs are targeted.

Exercise 2


Sumo squats – Keep your legs apart but keep your feet turned outwards and do the lunges. Do 4 series of 15 exercises.

Exercise 3



Goblet squats – Keep your legs apart hip-width and your feet facing forwards. Make half-squat and stay in that position for 30 seconds. Do this 5 times.

If you are regularly doing these exercises, we guarantee that you will see results after 3 weeks. Just in time for the bikini season.


TOP 3 fitness exercises for perfect thighs and buttocks


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