Top 3 Vegetables Which Eliminate Cellulite

In the fight against cellulite, the most important is a healthy diet with plenty of fruit, but it must not forget the vegetables. Vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the establishment and strengthening of connective tissue.

Diet based on vegetables, combined with a lower intake of sugars (simple carbohydrates), ie higher protein intake and water, helps in the establishment of normal levels of estrogen in the blood and normalization of blood sugar, which are also important factors against cellulite.

Remember that in the fight against cellulite, and unwanted weight, you need to permanently change eating habits. Fundamental change in diet can certainly help your connective tissue to be stronger and the ugly bumps on the skin of the buttocks and thighs to be reduced.

Top 3 Vegetables Which Eliminate Cellulite

Why vegetables?

Fresh vegetables contain more vitamin C than some fruits. Given that vitamin C plays a major role in the establishment and strengthening of connective tissue, the best thing to do with the desire for smooth skin on the body’s daily menu is to include vegetables in your meals, especially fresh.

Let salad of fresh vegetables become part of yours everyday life, also try to include cooked vegetables in your lunch and dinner. Fresh spinach, red peppers, broccoli, kale, sprouts and parsley are truly vitamin C “bombs”.

On connective tissue strengthening affect certain amino acids and selenium, which are also found in many fruits and vegetables. Potassium, in turn, helps against fluid retention and harmful substances in the cells, and among the vegetables that are rich in potassium are tomatoes, cauliflower and asparagus.

We present you the vegetables that are the best 3 when it comes to fighting cellulite.

Top 3 Vegetables Which Eliminate CelluliteTop 3 Vegetables Which Eliminate CelluliteTop 3 Vegetables Which Eliminate Cellulite

Sweet potatoes

This is one of the oldest vegetables and is one of the most nutritious and healthiest types, ideal against cellulite. Contains potassium, vitamin C and E and beta carotene. Sweet potato is number one among the vegetables in improving circulation and elimination of toxins, it is actually two most important things when you want to remove the cellulite.


Broccoli is a great fighter against cellulite because of three reasons. First, broccoli contains alpha lipoic acid, which helps to prevent hardening of collagen. Second, broccoli is a concentrated source of vitamin C and is an excellent source of dietary fiber. And third, it is one of the best sources of calcium among foods that are not milk, making it a great fighter against cellulite.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are excellent in the fight against cellulite. Despite the large amount of vitamin C they contain material which is called indole-3-carbinol (I3C), which once inserted into the body through food, it turns into di-indolyl methane (DIM), which helps the enzymes in the liver to block the production of 16-OH estrogen, which is responsible for the deterioration of collagen.

Top 3 Vegetables Which Eliminate CelluliteTop 3 Vegetables Which Eliminate Cellulite

Do not forget!

When you cook the vegetables, be sure to cook on lower heat, with less water or on steam. That way you save more vitamins in it. Also, remember that in the fight against cellulite, despite proper diet and sufficient water intake, and regular physical activity certainly helps .

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