Vacuumed stomach – exercise for slimmer waist and flat stomach

There is simple and clever technique that is also actively used in yoga. It allows you in a very short time (3-4 weeks) to straighten up your abdominal muscles from inside and make your waist thinner.

With a bit patience and tenacity you will achieve the wished effect. The minimum numbers of repetitions is 5. At the beginning you will need time to keep the abdominal muscles tense, but in time you will need less effort to control them.

Soo here is the exercise for tummy tuck:

1. Starting position: lie on your back with arms along the body, the knees bent and the foots on the floor. With muscles relaxed, slowly exhale, releasing the air you have.

2. Freed from the air, slowly start to strain the muscles of the stomach, truing to suck as much as you can on the inside. When you do this you should not be breathing. Freeze up the movement of the lower part of the abdomen for 10-15 seconds, then start to inhale in small breaths, but continue to pull back the stomach.Yoga Tune-up with Jill Miller

3. Taking small breaths, do not rush to relax the stomach – strain the stomach muscles and hold for 15 seconds. Then reinsert the stomach, maintaining the muscle tension.

4. Exhale relax the stomach and do a few free inhales and exhales, Now again release the air from the lungs and the stomach as much as possible. Stretch the muscles of the stomach, and then eject the belly up without breathing.

Repeat this exercise at least 5 times.

Thanks to this exercise you will significantly strengthen the internal abdominal muscles, which will lead to reduction in the abdomen and waist looks.

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