2 quick and efficient butt lifting exercises

In the life of every woman who takes care of your physical appearance, there is a desire to have a firm, tight butt.  Fortunately, there is a series of exercises that are ideal just for these results, which within 3 weeks will already be visible. We present to you two effective exercises for firm, tight butt that will form your curves!

2 efficient exercises for tight buttocks1

# 1: Side leg lifts – get “on all fours”, relying on your elbows and start to lift the leg to the side, bent at the knee. Repeat this exercise 5 times and raise to 30.


# 2: Leg kicks – while you are in the same position, with the legs bent at the knee kick them back back (in slow motion, of course). Lift the leg as high as you can. This exercise will be especially helpful in tightening the gluteal muscle. Repeat 4 sets and raise to 25.


Of course, if you want faster results, we recommend that you to start doing sports as well as cardio, such as running or cycling. This will quickly melt away the excess calories.


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