4 advises for summer running!

Here are some running tips for the summer period that will make your run easier, despite the very difficult conditions.

Gradually get used to the heat!

It takes a few weeks (or two weeks) to the body adjusts to the change in weather. Slow down and do not rush and force your self, if you are running in a very difficult period when the temperature increases. Better yet, when you get used to the heavy training in the summer period, running from October to November will be a real pleasure. You will feel powerful.

4 advises for summer running!

Plan your hydration!
The most important advice we can give you is to drink enough fluids. In one survey most runners and runner drink water during running. There are those who combine sports drinks and water, but still a number of people do not drink anything during training.

Planing hydration represents a decision when to drink and to what extent!

To prevent dehydration, during the training take a bottle of water, no matter how brief is the training. Choose where run so you pass by public fountains so you do not have to run with a bottle. In any case you still can carry water with you, previously kept cool or take a thermos on the run. If you do not know how to land this problem, cook a mild tea, then take it on the run. When it warms up, it will not be off-putting, on the contrary!

4 advises for summer running!

Fueling and electrolytes by drinking sports drinks!

For long training sessions for over an hour, along the curve of your sweat you lose precious minerals. With water it is advisable to take and isotonic drinks that you can make yourself or buy some of the finished bottle or powder.

Outdoor equipment for running

Shorts and T-shirts are sufficient, with lightweight shoes for training you are ready. Choose clothes in bright colors. T-shirt should be a light, non-cotton, because cotton keeps the sweat and after a brief training simply sticks to the body – this increases weight, reduces cooling and looks ugly 🙂 Synthetic shirts are preferable because they allow the skin to breathe. Try it.

And off course use, sunglasses and sunscreen!

4 advises for summer running!

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