Do a natural butt lifting with these four exercise

Abs, tight arms and legs and lifted butt – all these are the most beautiful attributes of the female body.

Although the may seem impossible at first, it is possible to do a natural butt lifting with these top four exercises.

1. Perky Lifts

Get on all fours and place your knees directly under your hips and your hands beneath your shoulders. Lift your right leg until it’s parallel to the floor. Move the leg higher and lower without bending it on the knee. Repeat with your left leg. Do 3 series of 25 lifts.

perky lifts


2. Rear Raisers

Stay on all fours, keep your right leg straight, cross it behind your supporting left leg, tapping the floor with your toe. Squeeze your glute and lift your right leg so that it’s in line with your right hip and parallel to the floor. Lower the leg to return to the tap. Keep your tailbone slightly tucked throughout the movement. And don’t arch your back! Do 3 series of 25 raises.

rear raisers


3. Killer Kicks

Begin with your hands and knees on the floor, right leg extended. Swing your right leg to the side, in line with your hip. Bend the knee, bringing your heel inward toward your body. Kick back out to the side with a straight leg. Focus on squeezing through the glute. Do 4 series of 25 kicks.



4. Ballerina exercise

This is perhaps the most difficult one in the whole training. Extend your right leg to side in line with your hip. Pulse your right leg up and down about an inch at a moderate and steady pace.



If you do these exercises every day, you will see the first results in two weeks!

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