FAST technique for getting rid of cellulite – ready for the summer!

Cellulite is every woman nightmare! How could it not be when it makes the skin like orange peel. But do not despair!

There are many successful methods and preparation for its elimination, but today’s post is for a very fast technique for removing cellulite!

We present to you a method called “dry brushing”.


Why is this method proved to be one of the most effective in removing cellulite?

The expert, Dr. Carla Hutchinson explains, “When you apply this massage technique on the area of skin with cellulite, you actually accelerating its successful removal.”

And here’s how this method works:

First and foremost you should have a brush (the ideal would be if it is harder) for massaging cellulite. These can be purchased in all well stocked shops of cosmetics.

There are many different shapes, materials and design, the most important thing is the brush you buy is just for that purpose because it is specially designed to massage the skin with cellulite.

Here’s what you should do to solve cellulite:

Every day before you shower, take brush in hand and massage the entire body, paying most attention of course to the region where the cellulite appear. It should not be massaged less than 5 minutes.

The movements are circular, counter-clockwise and slow.On the area where you have cellulite bring a little more attention, detail massaging every inch of skin.

Why it is recommended that this massage works on dry skin?

The answer is simple: to remove dead cells from the skin (and thus prepared for the bath and lotions after bathing) and to encourage better blood circulation in your skin. This circulation is crucial because it helps the formation of new cells in the dermis and epidermis.

Also, due to the circulation, your pores will open and later when you put various lotions and preparations will aid in efficient absorption of their nutrients under the skin.


But how the massage itself helps in removing the cellulite?

The answer lies in the temporary “swelling” of the skin, resulting in that it removed its swelling layer cellulite.Of course, this is instant removal of cellulite, when you are somewhere in a hurry and you have to quickly hide it.

Another great advantage of this is that cellulite massage helps improve circulation of the legs (which as we have said helps regenerate cells and creating new ones), tightening the skin and absorb the lotion. So it is in any case worth it to apply this method every day.

But if you apply this method regularly (every day) will solve the cellulite problem permanently!


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