How to build a healthy self-confidence

Many of us have problems with low self-esteem as a result of the impressions we gained through life. Having a healthy self-esteem does not mean having a big ego, but feeling safe in your own skin, accepting all yours imperfections and uncertainties and having a realistic picture of yourself. Something like that does not come by itself, but requires making changes that will help build a healthy self-esteem.

The first change that you need to master is to learn to say ‘no’. It often happens that we are doing some of the things because we think it will please others. Putting others’ interests before your own means other people are more important than yourself. Determine your priorities and say no to what you do not want to do and you will make each subsequent ‘yes’ to have a higher value, so you will begin to appreciate your time and effort.

How to build a healthy self-confidence

Express your views and opinions. When you are retaining all in yourself, in fact you say that you are worth less than others. You have a voice to be heard, so use it to show others that you are here. This does not mean that you need to take it out on the people around you, but the next time you are asked for your opinion, get a new idea or you know a better way to solve a problem you need to communicate with the environment, because your vote is worth the same as and someone else’s.

Dedicate yourself to your hobbies and activities you enjoy. You never know what awaits you and when what you do on the side, in your free time, can turn into something bigger. Go back to college, enter the cooking class, read a book, start to play an instrument, play sports or go to the school of foreign languages. Each of us has a talent that makes us special, and when you go to share it with the world, others will recognize it and your confidence will be built day by day.

Be careful with yourself. Make sure you feed your body with good food. Be active and focus on exercise to maintain a healthy body, and soon the results will positive affect your self-image. Dedicate yourself on what makes you happy, and surround yourself with people who inspire you and bring out the best to you. Kindness and a smile addressed to a stranger on the street or your own reflection in the mirror will turn all on the positive side, and fix your self-image.

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