The power of creative visualization

Imagine the wish of your heart. Now imagine how you feel if your wish was fulfilled to the last detail. And, how does it makes you feel?

If you really know what you want you are really lucky. Because many people do not even know what they want, and people do not say – be careful what you wish for, it may come true- in vain. Most people have only a superficial desire, or want something now, but tomorrow something else, and think that they will never achieve in fulfilling their wishes and dreams.



I’ll teach you how you can easily make steps towards achieving your desires. If you feel that you are stuck and do not have creative ideas or specific wishes find a cozy corner in your home, close your eyes and call your inner creative self to help you become aware of what your heart wants.

When you become aware of your desire, it can be small, such as buying new clothes or shoes, bike, new furniture or something similar, or something bigger as a new job, happy relationship … Focus on one at a desire. When you achieve one, move on to another and so on.

Now scan your wish to the last detail but without details about how you will come to the realization of this wish. For example, if you want a new house or apartment imagine a place where you want the house, what kind of a place, by the woods, roads, meadows, is there a garden and how big it is, whether it is an existing house or you’re going to build it from the grounds up, how many rooms, how will you furnish the premises, who are you going to live with, and in great detail, let your imagination run wild.



You can take a large paper and draw your house with a yard, or cut pictures from magazines or print them from the Internet. It is essential that there is a lot of detail and you feel as if you already have that house and live in it. And most important is that you cultivate a sense that you deserve that and that you are worthy of the house, and all the joy that it brings to you. Place your drawing, your creative map in a visible place in your home to remind you every day of your wish.

Be grateful and believe that you deserve a wonderful life and that there is no unfulfilled wishes and dreams unless you cancel them. Empower yourself and your ideas and visualize whenever you have time in the day, especially before going to bed and when you wake up, add new details to the drawing every day and you will be closer to achieving your desires.

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