Women’s Health – Natural Vaginal Baths

Vaginal steam baths have been long forgotten, but once they were a major ally in the treatment of symptoms of intimate areas. Natural medicine  recognizes their value again as active substances of herbs mixed with steam to help in mild infections and painful menstruation.

Women's Health - Natural Vaginal Baths
Help in inflammation and infection
Woman intimate area requires special attention and care because of its specific structure, moisture and heat so its an excellent medium for the growth of bacteria and viruses. Women for centuries treated the body with healing plants, as preparations and treatments such as baths, washing and putting the lining, and one of the most popular method today again enters the range of major US and European wellness is vaginal steam bath.

Two variations
Vaginal bath has two variations. The first is a steam bath, which is carried out by a sitting on a chair with an opening underneath the chair and container with hot water in which they are immersed herbs. Healing steam is rising upward and gently treated intimately area. The effect is better if you wrapped with blanket so will make some kind of tent from which the steam will not be able to get out.

In another variation woman should sit in the tub with warm water into which you dipped herbs. It is important to immersed in a water your hips and lower abdomen and the water is not too hot.

Women's Health - Natural Vaginal Baths

The bath is not recommended during menstruation because it can encourage further bleeding. It also should not be used during pregnancy even as it relaxes the muscles and stimulates circulation, which may prompt the early opening of the cervix pregnant. If  there are some wounds, be caution in treating wounds that would not have bled. The bath is carried out as you need, and treatment is the best to do as preventive to several times a year. If you have a milder infection or fungus, do the treatment for several consecutive days and take a break of at least ten days and then repeat the process. Note that the strong inflammation sometimes require medical intervention.
Bath is best period for it is 25 to 45 minutes. It is recommended to start treatment after five minutes of adding dry or fresh herbs to the hot water,  so they will disposed of a healing substance. The basic ratio is a handful fresh herbs or a handful and a half dried herbs to eight cups of water. Do not go overboard with herbs, combine up to four types. Do not try to speed up the process with very hot water or supplements such as essential oils – both can damage the mucous membranes.

Women's Health - Natural Vaginal Baths

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