9 ways to eliminate stubborn belly fat

The fat on the stomach may be the most hated feature of our body. Apart from the fact that it spoils our figure, these fatty deposits are accumulating around vital internal organs and can cause serious health problems.

The fat in this region is called visceral fat and it directly impacts the secretion of cortisol – a stress hormone – and inflammatory substances called cytokines that affect the increased secretion of insulin in the body. If you notice fat on this critical region, then you need to pay special attention to its regulation – not only because of good looks, but also because of your health. Fat deposits on the stomach increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Check out these 9 ways to eliminate stubborn belly fat.

1. Drink apple cider every day – Studies have shown that obese people who consumed 2 tablespoons apple cider daily for 8 weeks significantly lose fat, especially in the abdomen. The reason for this are the acids in the cider that burn fat.

apple cider


2. Increase the intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids – This is a quite simple thing – saturated fatty acids have greater influence on the increase in visceral fat than polyunsaturated fatty acids. A simple study showed – when people eat 750 calories more, if they contain saturated fatty acids the deposits on the stomach increase, and if they contain polyunsaturated fatty acids they increase their muscle mass. Nuts, seeds and fish are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

polyunsaturated fatty acids


3. Get enough sleep – five hours of sleep or less will certainly impact the increase of fat on the abdomen. Why? The body needs rest in order to recharge the batteries for the next day. When you don’t get enough sleep, the body turns on the alarm and it sends a signal in our brain that we need more energy. Then, the body converts all of the nutrients into energy reserves. Energy reserves = Fat!

9 ways to eliminate stubborn belly fat


4. Excessive sleep on weekends – We know that you can’t wait for the weekend to begin to get some sleep until noon. However, be aware that this can be disastrous for your line! Women who have a routine at bedtime and getting up in the morning have a stable metabolism and less fat on the abdomen. Chaotic changes in sleep habits negatively affect the body, because it disrupts the biological clock and the body begins to secrete more stress hormones – cortisol – that gives rise to excess weight. So, try to get up on weekends around the same time as on weekdays. Our body system works best when it’s all very well programmed.

9 ways to eliminate stubborn belly fat1


5. Eat more protein – With age the body starts to produce more insulin, because the muscles and cells become less responsive to it. Insulin influences the greater storage of fat especially in the belly. A diet that includes a high percentage of protein can block the excess secretion of insulin and stop the deposition of fat. Make your diet contain 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 30% healthy fats and soon you will start to notice the results.9 ways to eliminate stubborn belly fat2


6. Practice yoga – A study from 2012 showed that postmenopausal women who practice yoga for 16 weeks significantly lose their fatty deposits on the stomach. If you are not a fan of yoga and exercise, even the extremely simple exercises such as breathing exercises will help you. The point is to reduce the level of stress hormones – cortisol – which is responsible for the deposition of fat in the abdomen.

9 ways to eliminate stubborn belly fat3


7. Drink more green tea – Green tea contains antioxidant catechin, which acts as a fat-burning bomb in the stomach. It is best when it’s combined with physical activity that activates this antioxidant.

9 ways to eliminate stubborn belly fat4


8. Eat more foods rich in fiber –  study from 2011 showed that subjects who ate 10g of fiber a day more than usual – the equivalent of two small apples, one cup of peas and half a cup of beans – have reduced fat percentage by 3.7% after 5 years.

9 ways to eliminate stubborn belly fat5


9. And the most logical way – Be active – One thing is good about visceral fat – it is quite easily removable with aerobic exercise. Jogging, cycling, swimming – essentially everything that quickens the pulse is great for belly fat elimination. Studies have shown that running 19 km per week is enough to eliminate excess weight in the abdomen.


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