Benefits of Cardio Exercises

For those of you that are exercising, and of course for those who aren’t here is why should you keep doing it, or even better start doing it. In addition to the strengthening of the cardiovascular system and the weight loss, the cardiovascular exercises are great for your brain. With improving the circulation, you will bring more blood to the brain, and that shall furnish in the oxygen and the glucose that your brain needs to function normally.
With each movement the muscles will stimulate the release of various hormones on the brain. These hormones affect the growth of brain cells, the regulation of mood and improve concentration.
With cardio exercises are released the next hormones:

  • Serotonin, which improves the mood.
  • Dopamine enhances concentration and the memory,  positive effect on attention, perception, motivation and sexual arousal.
  • Noepinofren has positive effect on attention, perception, motivation and sexual arousal.

If you practice every day, the release of hormones will improve the blood circulation, that will stimulates the brain growth. In one study, researchers found that exercising of 1 hour, three times a week for 6 months is simulating the growth of the hippo-campus, a part of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

Benefits of Cardio Exercises
Productivity and cardio-exercising
People who exercise everyday have  23% higher productivity. Exercise acts are as a cup of coffee. The heart starts to work faster, improves blood circulation, the body is filled with energy and your thoughts become clearer. Only 30 minutes of easy cycling will improve concentration, which will stay at a high level for the next 60 minutes.

Benefits of Cardio Exercises
Memory and cardio-exercising 
If you are not remembering how the name goes, leave games like sudoku and start practicing. In one study it was found that women resolve a memory test as much as 20% better after running.
The intensity of exercise is also important. Scientists have found that after intense physical activity memory information is  improved for 20%.
Stress and cardio-exercising 
Scientists have found that regular exercising significantly reduces the levels of stress. Only 20 minutes cycling will improve your mood. Best of all is that it will help keep on the good mood for the next 12 hours.
During exercise there is growth of new cells in the brain. They will help the brain to cope with stress. In other words, your brain will be able better to deal with any stressful situation if you exercise regularly.Benefits of Cardio Exercises
Communication and cardio-exercising 
The researchers found that people who exercise regularly, adept much better in the everyday communication, business and private life.
After a few months of regular exercise, you will feel more confident, which will lead to more successful communication that involves compromise, contracting and negotiation. In addition to better communication, people who exercise regularly are able and to make the best possible decisions.
Mood communication and cardio-exercising 
Forget about antidepressants and start exercising. Scientists have found that exercising  reduces the risk of depression and the frequency of sudden changes of mood.
Physical activity will release hormones that stimulates the good mood (endorphins, serotonin). Confidence plays a big role in determining the mood. Exercise will improve your appearance, you will feel more confident, and ultimately you will be in a better mood.

Benefits of Cardio Exercises

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