Change your thoughts, love yourself

Why don’t we start the morning with ‘Today is a great day and I decide to enjoy every moment!’ Why is it so hard to wake up happy and satisfied, start the day with a smile and be happy, simply because we woke up. We always postpone happiness for a better time; on the weekend, when I finish renovating my home, in the spring, after the summer, once this meeting passes, next week for sure and so indefinitely. Sounds familiar?

Change your thoughts, love yourself1


Everything starts from ourselves, from our thoughts and feelings. When we change the flow of thoughts, we can change everything from the relationship with ourselves, to the relationships with others, life just moves in a better direction in all aspects and it truly works. And there will always be those who will say, ‘It’s easy for you, you have this or that …’ and those who live by the principle that the grass is always greener on the other side, but if only we could separate a little time and focus on our thoughts for one hour, for one day, we will understand how they manage the entire process of life.

Change your thoughts, love yourself2


Imagine the mornings when you wake up grumpy, angry at yourself and the whole world, it’s raining outside, you have to go to work and you are mad because the weekend was over, and Monday is already knocking at the door … How many times have you felt that way?

Now imagine the same situation but with other thoughts, Monday, wonderful rainy day, perfect for a new challenge and you decide that today nothing can be out of line because you love yourself, you enjoy your job that brings abundance in life, you have wonderful relationships with your colleagues and meetings that await today will go perfectly with excellent results, and at the end of the day you will enjoy your free time, whether it will be a pleasant evening with family, going out with friends, going to the cinema, it’s up to you to create what makes you most happy and fulfilled.This is much better, right?

Change your thoughts, love yourself3


Day by day, changing the negative thoughts into positive ones, visualizing the day that is before you in the way that suits you, everything becomes different, more beautiful and more fun. And do not forget that you are the creators of your own thoughts, whether positive or negative, and they determine how your day, week, month and year will look like and ultimately your life, and we all have everything we need to be happy and live in happiness, here and now, in this moment. Make your present filled with happines.

Change your thoughts, love yourself


Life is very simple. We get what we give. I believe that we are all responsible for every experience in your life, the best and the worst. Every thought creates our future. Each of us creates their experiences with their thoughts and words. Remember that it is a thought, a thought can be changed.


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