Forgive yourself and others

How many times have you uttered the sentence, ” I will never forgive you for this” or  “How can I forgive this?” Are you willing to forgive? Yourself? Life? People you meet on your path?



Sometimes it’s really hard to forgive when we are hurt and when our heart is broken, when we were humiliated and disgraced by people whom we gave everything, from situations in life when we were not ready to accept them and deal with them.

Indeed, the most difficult thing to do is to forgive yourself primarily, and then to all those who have hurt us in any way. Often not forgiving pushes us towards the bottom, and we ask ourselves again what we do in life that we can not go on. Not forgiving leaves us no room to move forward. Resentment goes hand in hand with not forgiving, so these two dark companions push us farther away from success and happiness, and thus of the love of self and others. The accumulation of impossibility of forgiveness, resentment and anger is opening the way for diseases.



The most important thing is forgiving ourselves. Talk with yourself, be kind to yourself and your feelings and do not blame yourself for errors and situations. We are all doing the best we can in given situations and if we knew differently then, believe me, we would have done things differently. And so you should not bite and blame yourself, release the past and the events that sadden you, just forgive yourself. And remember that there are no mistakes, only experiences and lessons that teach us to become stronger and better people.



Only when we forgive ourselves, we can forgive others because others are a reflection of ourselves, and they did the best they knew. We’re not all the same and do not perceive the problems and events in the same way, so we don’t act the same in similar situations.



If you can not forgive others by talking directly with them, imagine the person standing in front of you, or look in the mirror and imagine that the person in the mirror, and then tell them what’s on your mind and heart, and let go of all the anger, sadness, bitterness and all that you have with that person. After that you will feel ready to step forward.



Forgiveness sets us free, releasing the past, clears the soul and makes space for the new. For new developments, new situations, new people. Forgiveness makes us better people, we become more honest with ourselves and with others. Forgive everyone, because don’t forget that you are, sometimes, those which someone else needs to forgive.

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