Ginger Carrot Soup Recipe

Perfect soup, or cream of carrots& ginger. Of course with one condition, that you love carrots and that you love ginger. This recipe is great for fall, because it boost our immune system, for the incoming weather.

What is needed:

  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil, or 1 tablespoon of butter,
  • 5-6 large carrots,
  • 1 -2 young onions (or one onion)
  • 1 piece fresh ginger (the size of the thumb on the hand)
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar,
  • 1 bunch parsley leaf,
  • salt, pepper and a little cayenne pepper (to taste).

Ginger Carrot Soup RecipeWash the carrot and the ginger , clean them up and slice them and then grind in a blender or grate it. It is essential that ginger slices are small, so we avoid strings in the soup.

The pan with oil or butter, briefly fry a chopped onion and add the carrots. Sprinkle some salt and pepper, pour the vinegar or lemon juice and pour water. You do not have to pour a lot of water, you need just enough just water to cover the vegetables. Cook over low heat, covered, until the carrots are just cooked. Depending on how old is the carrot (and how much is chopped), it may take 15 to 45 minutes. Of course the older carrots cooking takes longer, that’s why this soup is most beautiful in the spring period, when we have a young carrots. But anyway, the taste, more or less is the same.

Chop up the cooked carrot in a blender, mixer or machine for mashed potatoes. Put the blended carrot back into the water in which you used to cook him, if desired, add more spices, chopped parsley and if necessary add a little water to thicken the way you want it, let it boil and serve it immediately.

As a great addition to this soup of carrots I recommend a little diced toasted bread with cheese.

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