How to Make an Effective Affirmation ?

Everything we think or speak is in fact an affirmation, our internal dialogue is also an affirmation.

Given that our thoughts and words are constantly determine by facts or conditions that process creates our life in every moment. Positive affirmations, which are in fact short positive statements, influence the beliefs in our subconscious. In this way, we influence on the negative attitudes and beliefs and change them with positive ones.

Affirmations actually serve to “brainwashing”, but in a way that negative beliefs replaces positive. Properly installed affirmations work wonders.

How to make your affirmation?

Make your own personal affirmation is very simple, it is essential that the affirmation always use positive words and affirmations to yourself evokes positive feelings. You affirmation must always be in the present, not in the future. If you eg. A person who does not finish things until the end your affirmation may be “All I start I finish with the success.”

How to Make an Effective Affirmation ?

What to do to get the affirmation worked?

For the affirmation to be effective it is important to repeat it because the subconscious is so imprinted on its contents. And be sure to include emotions, because dryly uttering any affirmation has no effect. It is not the same to say “I’m great,” as a statement, and “I am great!”  with the confident and joyful tone. What makes the difference between these two affirmations is the strength of the feeling and energy that we have entered into it. You need to believe in it, you need to awake in yourself that the feeling as if it is already accomplished.

So the magic formula for the effective affirmation follows:

  1. Always positive and in the present moment
  2. Included emotions and beliefs
  3. Repeating affirmations until you adopt as part of yourself

How to Make an Effective Affirmation ?

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