Meditation for body and mind

It is a special feeling when you calm your body and mind and bring them in a completely relaxed state.

meditation for body and mind


Meditation is very helpful for the whole body, it reduces or normalizes the blood pressure, and brings balance to the level of hormones in the blood. It works by harmonizing the whole being and it heals the soul. If we practice meditation regularly our body and our soul we will be grateful for that and we will reciprocate with love, peace and joy.

It takes very little time to relax and bring ourselves into a meditative state, it is enough to start with just five minutes each day so that the body gets used to the benefits of meditation. Later you can increase the practices to 10, 20 or 30 minutes, or longer if desired. At any time during the day, when you find it most convenient, take a moment for yourself, isolate and relax. Meditation needs calm and quiet place that suits you best, whether it’s at home or a beautiful place in nature. You can play quiet music for meditation to make you relax even better.

meditation for body and mind1


Once you find your oasis for meditation, sit or lie down, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths through your nose and exhale through the mouth, become aware and relax the body; You can start from the feet, through the joints and upwards to the top of the head, or in the reverse order from the crown to the feet. Quietly name the parts of the body that you relax (‘My feet are relaxed, my joints are relaxed’ …). Try not to focus on the thoughts, listen to your heart rate and your breathing. You can also choose a topic of meditation, whether it is peace, moments without negative thoughts and problems or you want to visualize a beautiful event, perhaps a walk with your spiritual guide, or angels, or repeating certain words like; peace, love, prosperity, happiness.

Often in meditation we can get the answer to questions or problems that currently trouble us; just ask a specific question, such as, ‘What do I need to know or what is the next step?’ Through meditation you will find an answer and amplify the emotions related to the theme.

meditation for body and mind2


We can never be in a state of no-thought, because it is natural that they come, they go, have their own course, just let them flow,  notice how they are created and disappear …do not give importance to negative thoughts such as anger, fear, bitterness, sadness, only let them go and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings. When you do not attach importance to them they’ll just pass.

meditation for body and mind3


There is no bad or wrong meditation, the process is very simple and effective. The more you practice meditation that more it becomes efficient and more effective, and your body, mind and soul will rejoice and reward you with happiness, love and healing. The answers to all the questions we have are in us. Through meditation you will be even more connected with you and you will be surprised how clever you are and how you can take care of yourselves. Relax and enjoy!

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