Nature as an ally for treating greasy hair

One of the most common problems with your hair is greasy scalp. Surely you’re familiar with this problem – You washed your hair, but after one day it is ready for a new wash. It’s crazy, right? Here are the possible causes for greasy hair and natural remedies which you can try.

The causes of greasy hair

Everybody know this, but it is certainly a fact – the more you wash your hair the more oily it gets. Frequent washing rinses the natural layer of fat on the scalp. The scalp sees this as an alarm, and produces more fat to compensate for what is washed. In addition, buying shampoos, even those designed for oily hair, are full of chemicals and harmful ingredients which aggressively act on the scalp, dry the skin and encouraged production of more fat.

Natural remedies for oily hair

Baking powder

One of the great ingredients for oily hair is baking powder. Yes, you read it right! In addition to solving the problem of excess fat, baking powder eliminates dandruff and other impurities. So, make a shampoo made from baking powder and try to use it to solve your problem.

Ingredients: teaspoon baking powder and a cup of water.

Preparation: Mix the ingredients until you get a smooth mixture, and massage it into the scalp. Then just rinse with a mixture of 1 tablespoon apple cider and one cup of water.

Note: There may be a reaction on the scalp at the beginning, but it’s just a natural reaction of your scalp which has so far been “tortured” with industrial shampoo.

Egg whites – In addition to using baking powder for the care of greasy scalp you can use scrambled egg whites. Whisk as many egg whites as you need to cover the scalp, rub and let sit for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with a natural shampoo.

Black tea – You can treat greasy scalp with diluted black tea, by massaging it into the skin and then rinse.

Lemon – Lemon juice is another natural remedy for oily hair. However, if you do not want to lighten your hair, do not use it, because with a long-term use of lemon juice the hair becomes brighter.

Nettle – certainly the most beneficial plant when it comes to hair care is the nettle. In addition to reducing the production of oil, nettle is excellent as an ingredient in the fight against hair loss, and dandruff.

greasy hair



No matter how hard or uncomfortable is seems, do not wash your hair every day, whether with natural, industrial or medical shampoo. This will allow the scalp to recover and eventually your hair will become less and less oily.

If you have oily hair, never apply conditioner and mask on the entire hair, apply a small amount, but only on the ends.

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