Simple exercises for flexibility and elasticity

If you belong to a group of people who are not too stretched, maybe you should try to deal with this. If you regularly work out, we are sure that you stretch; but do you stretch enough? And more importantly, do you stretch properly? We present you top hip-opening exercises!

Exercise No. 1: Happy baby – this exercise is named after the way that is done, because it simulates a baby that laughs and touches the feet.

Lie on your back and bend the legs on your knees, pressing them to her chest. Grasp the feet and gently stay in this position as long as you can.

Exercise No. 2: Butterfly – sit back straight, feet together, so that the soles touch and grasp them with your hands.


Then slowly pull your hands toward your feet, so that they touch the chest. If you realize you can not do this exercise, be persistent soon you will be able to.

Exercise 3: Extend wide squat – assume the squatting position, so that your feet are wide spread, roughly hip-width apart.


Extend your arms in front of you and slightly lean forward, but make sure that your heels are on the floor all the time.

Exercise No. 4: Pigeon – Bend one leg below the chest and stretch the other one behind.



Put your elbows on the floor and keep the back straight. Try to stay in that position as long as you feel comfortable and then replace the leg.

Exercise No. 5: Lizard – bend one leg at the knee, and stretch the other one behind.


Bend the foot that is forward at the wrist inward and put your hands on the floor. Hold for as long as possible and switch legs.

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